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Korean scientists may have found a way to desalinate seawater faster

Nanofiber Membrane Filters 99.9% of Salt from Seawater within Minutes The nanofiber membrane upheld a 99.9% salt rejection rate for a month. By  Ameya Paleja Jul 06, 2021               Schematic of the electrospinning device used to make this nanofiber membraneElsevier The World Health Organization estimates that over 785 million people lack a clean source of drinking water. Even though 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by seawater, we cannot drink

New Chinese technology combines wood, bacteria, sunlight to purify water

New technology combines wood, bacteria, sunlight to purify water By Brooks Hays     The new water-purification device features a top layer of light-absorbing carbon nanotubes, a middle layer of insulating glass bubbles and a bottom layer water-transporting wood. Photo by Qing-Fang Guan, et al. / Nano Letters 2020 July 8 (UPI) — Engineers have developed a new wood-based steam generator that can purify water using bacteria-produced nanomaterials and the sun’s energy. Solar steam generators, which